S1E34 - “Race Fans” (Is It May Yet?)

January 16, 2018

Kris Branch (@K_Branch21) joins us to discuss his documentary "Race Fans" that promises to be amazing and if you're able to support him - please do(15:25)! Harding gave the announcement everyone knew, cars are on tracks, and drivers are still in the Amazing Race (1:00). Our Woman of the Week is the fastest woman alive - Brittany Force (39:45) and we end with Shit We Didn't Make Up - about fire (43:24)!! 


S1E33 - Let’s Talk Tires Baby

January 10, 2018

OMG driver announcements! New Liveries! And the possibility of car-to-car communication (dream come true!). We hit all the news that happened the past week before diving into the world of tires (21:00) including a comparison of tires, and what happened during one special US Grand Prix here in Indiana. Our Woman of the Week is engineering bad ass Cara Adams (31:25) and we end with Shit We Didn’t Make Up – and another tire incident at the IMS (40:25). Also, Dale Coyne – HIRE CONOR! And go #TeamIndyCar



S1E32 - New Year, New Rules (but how you gonna enforce it?!)

January 3, 2018

Jay Frye has been busy af over the holidays, we start out turning down the new rules, and of course #TeamIndyCar and the Bachelor (1:15), then go into the most amazing group of non-drivers on the track, the Holmatro Safety Team (12:50). Our Woman of the Week is a feisty broad named Helle Nice (36:00) and Shit We Didn’t Make Up features the only person to crash a pace car (20:45). Since it’s the new year we end on brief speculation of some resolutions for drivers (51:00).

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S1E31 - An Interview with Brian Runnells

December 26, 2017
We got the opportunity to sit down with Brian Runnells (@Indy500Pirate) who has been an IMS Yellow shirt for going on 36 years. It was an amazing time with stories and observations. We discuss everything from drivers to the state of IndyCar, and one very great story about wildlife at the IMS. We enjoyed our time with Brian and know you will too! Thanks for listening!
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S1E30 - All I Want for Christmas is #IndyCar Season

December 22, 2017

Drivers and teams and rumors abound! It's a rundown of what we know, what we're missing, and rumors (1:18). Continuing our safety discussions, we talk a bit about some of our favorite people in the world - Yellow Shirts (8:03).  Then our Women Crush Renee Gracie and we discuss the great rumor of Leena Gade going to SPM (15:45 ). Another IMS Shit We Didn't Make Up (21:43). Finally, a special Christmas report on our drivers (29:20). 
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S1E29 - A Little Airborne

December 12, 2017

Finally some news to discuss with numbers switching, new drivers, and #TeamIndyCarish (1:30). As it goes we recorded before the Carlin news broke…We continue discussing safety issues with looking at the SAFER barrier (18:11). SWDMU features our great state (30:00), and then it’s onto our WCW and another go ‘around with bad decision making from the FIA (37:38). We end with a special interview and celebrate the personal reason we’re #Driven2SaveLives (55:18 ).


S1E28 - Learning About Audible Flagging

December 5, 2017

Thank you very much to Missy and Frank from the Indy Sports Car Podcast (@AudibleFlagging  & @ISCPPODCAST) for coming on to talk to us about the Audible flagging system (1:13), hopefully, the sport continues to make safety improvements we love all our drivers and want them to stay safe! We cover news (30:40), our WCW Simona de Silvestro (34:40), and discuss why peanuts are bad luck (41:18). Thanks for listening, if you have time check out our new website www.fastcarsfastgirls.com you should! 


S1E27 - Fun With Flags

November 28, 2017

We discuss the news from the past week including another discussion on the female only league (9:10). Our #WCW is the badass Denise McCluggage (37:33). Finally, we wrap things up with Fun with Flags – and include a good drinking game for all your IndyCar races (42:30) and Shit We Didn’t Make Up is #CheckeredEverything (1:07:31). Thanks for listening, take a minute to subscribe, rate, and review if you will.

(Also shout-out to Molly's Mom who has been asking if we're anything like 'Fun with Flags')


S1E26 - An Interview with James Davison

November 21, 2017

Thanks to James Davison for chatting with us! We think you’ll enjoy the interview with an awesome Australian! His thoughts on the Indianapolis 500 just reiterate that it’s the best there ever is, and we’re both convinced he’s a great driver – so cheer him on at any race you see him! Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we’re so thankful for you.


S1E25 - Juliana Myers Kicks Ass!

November 16, 2017

We’re so happy to interview Juliana Myers (Twitter: @julianamyers20) and hear her stories about karting, an amazing adventure at the Indy 500, and general IndyCar geeking out. We're already fans of hers, and bet after listening you will be too! Of course a rundown of IndyCar news, Shit We Didn’t Make Up, and great news out of NHRA for female racers. We’re bringing all sorts of fun content next week so take a moment to follow us on social media.