S1E21 - Pilot Nonsense, IndyCar Nonsense, and Us (also nonsense)

October 17, 2017

The Red Bull Air Race at IMS…amazing is too tame of a word. It was a great weekend full of serious aerobatic athleticism, despite the crazy weather. We discuss the Air Race; start giving out props to all the badass women in motorsports; talk random IndyCar silly rumors and news; and discuss what our Triple Crown of IndyCar would be (bet you can guess the first race we both thought of).


S1E20 - The Need for Speed (aka Maverick and Goose)

October 11, 2017

We start off with some IndyCar news, and gripe a lot about the lack of a schedule (and INDYCAR must have felt our frustration and said they're going to release the schedule - you’re welcome). Then the need for speed kicked in, the Red Bull Air Race this weekend is gonna be insane and we’re giddy. Turn and burn. Thanks for listening, please remember to subscribe and follow our social media for a hilariously fun weekend at the track! 


S1E19 - Chug the Champagne (especially with all the IndyCar news!)

October 5, 2017

The IndyCar news just kept coming in the past few days! We attempt to cover everything we’ve learned, make some speculations, and wonder how #TeamIndyCar will do on the Amazing Race. We talk about a great four days at the SCCA Runoffs, talk some history, and realize that no matter your opinion – Danica did a lot for women in racing. Nuggets of wisdom abound in this episode!


S1E18 - Only Week 1 Of IndyCar Off Season - Oh Boy

September 28, 2017

It’s only been one week. . . and we’re already missing IndyCar. We talk a bit on the rumors about teams and drivers, discuss different types of racing, and we come up with the greatest IndyCar Reality Television (feel free to contact us Hollywood). SCCA Runoffs at the IMS are this weekend, so we discuss the runoffs and hey follow us on social media (Twitter: @FastCarsin317) as we’ll be there all weekend.


S1E17 - Goodbye 2017 #IndyCar Season…and Cheers!

September 20, 2017

“Never can say goodbye” but each season must end and we say good bye to the IndyCar 2017 season be recapping Sonoma and the Championship. We also discuss our Top 5 Moments of 2017 (and would love to hear your Top 5 too – let us know through social media!). We also get feisty again…which you should have expected. Finally, we look ahead to what we’ll be doing in the off-season: SCCA, Air Race, #LiquorandLights and some 24 Hour races…stay tuned it only gets better.


S1E16 - One Last #IndyCar Race for 2017

September 13, 2017

Anyone else feeling sad about the last race of the season coming up? We are, so we run down our dream team. Sonoma is previewed, and there is totally going to be a Team Penske fight! Then we attempt to make call who we think will be in the Top 5 in the Championship, and it’s really too darn close this year. Also we just don’t know how to feel about all the driver movements (real and hypothetical)…thankfully the Silly Season will help us make it through off season.

(also the Mac does not like iPhone calls apparently, we’ll work on the weird audio feedback for next time)


S1E15 - Heartache, No Rain, and Go Rossi! (Watkins Glen)

September 7, 2017

Molly can’t stop cheering for Rossi. Abby’s heartbroken for Newgarden. We both shed a tear for Hinch. Watkins Glen was great, even without the promised rain. We talk about some Push2Pass research, what you get for winning, and of course the silly season. Listen closely – there’s homework! Send us your answers via social media (Twitter: @FastCarsin317 or Facebook facebook.com/fastcarsfastgirls)


S1E14 - The Last Oval was Amazing

August 30, 2017

Gateway, way to kill it on your first race back! The Bommarito 500 was a good race (after the first ten laps...poor Ed Carpenter Racing...) and we talk about the race (how amazing was Conor!), the track, and a good weekend. Molly saw the infamous "rookie stripe" and then interviewed our own Rookie about her experiances at Gateway. Sadly, no more ovals for the rest of the season so we chat about about Watkins Glen and make our picks (come on Conor!). Also - can Andretti Autosport just officially announce their decision? Some of us may need to buy new merchandise Michael! 


S1E13 - Ovals Separate the Men from the Boys (and the Women from the Girls)

August 23, 2017

The excitement of an oval speed show (thanks ABC Supply 500!) lingers through this whole podcast. We recap one of the most insane races we’ve ever seen. How wide were they at the start? Are there any rules in that pit area? Is Hinchcliffe the greatest there ever was (quite possibly)? Is Will Power using witchcraft? Also – yep Conor’s car is haunted. We talk about some female hotrod racers, how the “don’t send angry messages to Race Control” was a rule written for people like us…and Abby reads the card she got Molly for her birthday. Hold on – Bommarito is going to be just as crazy (we have some fun with double entendres) and Molly’s heading to St. Louis to watch the race and celebrate her birthday! Enjoy!


S1E12 - The Tricky Triangle and Tons of Topics

August 16, 2017

We preview the “Tricky Triangle” (really the jokes are too easy) and cover a ton of topics including the discussion around Push to Pass, more Silly Season Updates (aka Molly’s dream team), how we get Pippa Mann a full time ride, and our top drivers. Started a new section, giving some updates on Female Racers. We also divulge the real reason we could never, ever, be drivers. Thanks for listening to us if you're not following us on social media (Facebook: Fast Cars Fast Girls , Twitter @FastCarsin317 , and Instagram FastCarsFastgirls) you should bonus material abounds!!