S1E11 - Interview with Doug Thornton (aka we just ask all sorts of questions)

August 10, 2017

We had the great opportunity to sit with Doug Thornton (@Douguto on Twitter) one of the Indy Camping (@IndyCamping) guys, in his garage a stone’s throw from IMS, and ask him about his experiences. We also picked his brain over the Silly Season rumors. Great stories abound! Great insights abound! Great Marco shade happens! Thanks again to Doug for sitting down with us and letting us ask you all sorts of questions. We both walked away with a lot more knowledge and a lot more tracks on our list to visit (Sorry the audio went squirrely and we lost the last five minutes…we blame Marco). Please give Doug and the IndyCamping guys a follow, they're awesome!


S1E10 - Oh Me-o, Oh My-o, Oh Mid-Ohio!

August 1, 2017

Not only did we experience our first Indy Car race on the Road – we pretty much killed it! We recap the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio including great times with other fans and chance encounters with drivers (#WhoIsWatchingNorman). Just know, you never bet against two women from Speedway as our picks for this race were amazing, and #ConorCarWatch earns another donation to the JDRF. We also continue to throw shade at Marco, theorize about what Ed Carpenter told Spencer Pigot, and decide we’d be great in Race Control. There’s a shout out to #BadassWilson, and hey in a month we’re in St. Louis!


S1E9 - Driving Miss Daisy 400 (We Didn’t Survive NASCAR)

July 26, 2017

Not to bury the lead, but as we said "Roger Penske thinks it, we know it, you heard it here first, NASCAR sucks". Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the longer track for slower cars, maybe it's the new stage thing; but we don't think this race is a good idea any longer. There's a bold prediction about it's future made. We discuss how the IMS is probably the #GreatestConcertVenueinRacing and the 400 Fest. Thankfully, back to IndyCar action next week at Mid-Ohio (we'll be there - will you?) and the standings are T-I-G-H-T! Take a minute to rate this podcast, and hopefully we'll see some of you in Ohio!


S1E8 - Toronto from the Tropics

July 20, 2017

Last vacation podcast from us. We talk all things Toronto, including Josef Newgarden straight luck with that pit opportunity, Will Power's sad end, and the possibility of James Hinchcliffe's hometown advantage. We also ramble on about the possibility of drivers moving around. We rant, a bit, about "races are won or lost in the pits" always being said. Discuss Indy Car fights on YouTube, and someone makes a passionate plea to be a lawyer for one of the teams. . . oh and we mention NASCAR briefly because the Brickyard 400 is upcoming, and it's at the IMS, so naturally. 


S1E7 - Corn, Canadians, Rumors, and Vacation from Common Sense

July 16, 2017

Coming to you from Hawaii we review the Iowa Race from a week ago, preview Toronto, and address the rumors. Of course we take every opportunity to dish out shade on Marco Andretti, continue our growing love for Ed Carpenter, and reveal Molly's slight driver crush. Shit got crazy when we were on vacation so we address all the rumors we found on the internet, including Hinch wanting to try NASCAR, the Andretti switch to Honda (including an epic #TeamHonda rant), all sorts of Penske issues, #BringBackDavisson, and #ManBunWatch - yep we're looking at you J.R.! We're on vacation so be warned! 


S1E6 - Ovals, Road Courses, and of Course Speed!

July 6, 2017

Another week without a race, so we preview both Iowa (Oval) and Toronto (Road Course), and then discuss which is better. Spoiler alert - speed always wins with two girls from Speedway! There's of course some nostalgia about growing up in Speedway, #LiquorandLights, #Driven2SaveLives, and Molly's Mom taking on the Penske team. Molly, #TeamHonda, gripes way too much about Honda's issues; and Abby relives some memories from participating in the 500 Festival Parade and marching around IMS. There's also a guest appearance by a firework because 'Merica. Keep on listening, next week we take this shit show on the road! 


S1E5 - We’re Starting to Love Road Courses

June 29, 2017

Kohler Grand Prix happened and we now like road courses. We talk strategy about tires, pits, push to pass (which we love), and our continued thoughts on grass on the courses. Heads up we're starting to get #OpinionatedAF about drivers including our thoughts on who should have been Rookie of the Year, Will Power bringing it to Millennials, Helio Castroneves, and someone's true feelings about TK. Also, we're putting our money where our mouths are, Conor's car may be haunted (#ConorCarWatch) but for each race he finishes, we're each donating $10 to diabetes research. Stay turned - we're taking this shit show on the road soon!


S1E4 - #FeistyAF for Female Racers

June 19, 2017

There may have been no IndyCar activity this week, but something huge happened! We get #FeistyAF discussing the bullshit idea of a seperate league for female racers. We stand firmly behind all female racers, and get feisty defending them! (oh also Le Mans happened and we take bets on Kohler GP)


S1E3 - Clusterfuck 600

June 15, 2017

Shit gets real deep in the heart of Texas: it unfortunately overshadows the Dual in Detroit. We talk about tires and crashes. We start #ConorCarWatch and the big question "is racing a gentlemen's sport or not"?. Thankfully there's no Indy Car actions this upcoming weekend, we all need a break (too bad up next is Le Mans!).


S1E2 - Excuse Our Afterglow

June 15, 2017

Still in the afterglow of the 101st Running and our trip to the Victory Banquet we just discuss the Greatest Weekend in Racing, the Greatest Spectale in Racing, and quite possibly the Greatest Protective Order in Racing. Things get real when we start talking about drivers. We also get nostalic about growing up in Speedway (including family adventures around the race, and why the Haughville Taco Bell is actually better then the one in Speedway). Also we ramble because, well it's a natural high in May.