Fast Cars Fast Girls

S3E18: Campsite Diplomacy, Le Mans, and Cheese

June 19, 2019

The first non-race episode in a while means we can cover INDYCAR news and of course give our opinions on everything, including why we’re down for a INDYCAR/NASCAR doubleheader (2:34). A brief trip to Le Mans (30:50) as it’s a big weekend for INDYCAR drivers and any racing fan in general. Our Shit We Didn’t Make Up is all about licenses and how you have to have one to drive, but it doesn’t mean you get a ride (36:52). We discuss all the ladies in the 2019 Le Mans, there are three (48:25). Finally, we start talking about the REV Group Grand Prix at Road America because it’s a great race and we’re already excited (52:04). Keep your eyes on our social media channels for more information about FCFG Unplugged and we’ll see you there!

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