Fast Cars Fast Girls

S2E56 - Lessons Learned from Bad Breakups

February 13, 2019

Don, the man behind Champwebdotnet on Twitter and a former consultant for Champ Car, joins us to talk about the Split. We’re looking at what happened and learning from past mistakes. The first topic is, of course, the infamous White Paper (5:29) and what it really was all about. When trying to understand the split and how it all ended up we have a discussion about the Indy 500’s role including how CART viewed the race, and how letting Cart teams in the race wasn’t great for CART in the long run (26:10). Finally, a great discussion on the economic factors both in racing and nationally that ended it (41:43)

We decided to look ahead and use the lessons learned (a great preview starts at 15:40). How INDYCAR needs another engine manufacture and what that could bring (47:27). As the series is growing, we discuss great how to get and keep fans without using gimmicks (56:40). Finally, maybe Firestone likes the idea of using different tires and compounds to really add drama to the races (1:20:27).

Thanks to Don for joining us! If you're not following him on twitter Champwebdotnet - you're missing out!!

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